The USA and Canada: Not So Different After All

July 1, 2014

News Flash: The United States of America and Canada are the ONLY industrialized countries in the world that have not banned asbestos.

What does that mean?

  1. It means that both the USA and Canada allow asbestos to be used in some products.
  2. It means that workers in both the USA and Canada are at a greater risk of exposure to asbestos day-after-day.
  3. It means that those construction, plumbing, naval and automotive parts that we have learned to associate with asbestos — yep, they may still be made with asbestos today.
  4. It means that no matter how many people have died from mesothelioma and asbestos-related lung cancer, even more will die tomorrow.
  5. It means that the insulators, construction workers, plumbers, home renovators, pipe fitters and car mechanics of tomorrow, yep, they’re still at risk.
  6. It means that, yep, their families are still at risk for mesothelioma, too.

The obvious question is why? Why all this suffering? Why all this denial? Why, why have we not learned — especially when every other industrialized nation has managed to ban asbestos when we, some of the greatest consumers of asbestos in the world, have not?

The answer comes down to the asbestos lobby, a business that is dead-set on protecting its interests in making a profit from asbestos.

The problem with that is its literally dead-set interests are killing people. And that’s the dirty truth.

If you were shocked to read this, please share the article with your friends and family. The more people who know the real reason why asbestos has not been banned in the USA and Canada, the better. Because, one day, there will be a ban. There is no other way around it, not when asbestos is so deadly and has hurt so many. We’d just like to make sure that that day comes sooner than later.