Only Around 3,000 Americans a Year Are Diagnosed With Mesothelioma — Is That Number “Insignificant”?

May 22, 2015

Only about 3,000 Americans a year are diagnosed with mesothelioma. Once diagnosed, many mesothelioma patients face a tough time getting the treatment they need — particularly because many doctors are not familiar with mesothelioma treatment.

While miraculous things do occur, on the whole, many patients who are diagnosed with mesothelioma, especially at later stages, can only hope for enough treatment to prolong their lives as long as possible. It’s a tall order for a cancer that has received so little research money and funding for potential new treatments.

But why is there such little funding? Most likely, we can thank the “insignificant” number of patients diagnosed each year.

Three thousand.

Is that medically insignificant?

We’re not doctors — we’re mesothelioma lawyers, some of the most established and respected in the country.

But even though we’re not doctors… we still have an idea about how “insignificant” 3000 patients is. In our words, we think it’s not so insignificant at all.

Take cervical cancer. Cervical cancer used to be a death sentence for women. Now that there is a vaccine, the cancer is becoming increasingly rare, and the survival rates higher, because even women who have not had the vaccine are able to receive Pap smears and have abnormal cells treated before they turn into cancerous cells. All of this was accomplished thanks to research and funding, something that mesothelioma cancer seriously lacks.

The “number” for cervical cancer today has dropped down to around 12,900 — that’s the number that the American Cancer Society predicts will learn they have cervical cancer in the U.S. this year.

For mesothelioma, again, that numbers is 3,000. So almost one-fourth the rate of cervical cancer.

However, funding for mesothelioma would have to double in order to receive just one-fourth the amount of funding that cervical cancer receives.

That’s right: Cervical cancer receives around $81,379,067 in research dollars — that’s around eight times more than mesothelioma which receives less than $10 million in funding.

We think it’s time to start facing this disease head-on, with everything we’ve got.

That’s why we invite you: If you or someone you know is suffering from mesothelioma, or even has recently passed away from the disease, you may have legal options. We know that the absolute last thing you want to do at this time of suffering and loss is think about a lawsuit or lawyers — but, unfortunately, there are laws out there that could prevent you from ever filing a mesothelioma lawsuit if you wait too long.

A mesothelioma lawsuit might help you and your family get the money you need to pay for expensive medical bills, loss of employment and that extra “boost” you need to get you through this hard time. What’s more, it’s the one shot you have at making our collective voices heard, so that not one more person has to face those devastating words — “you have mesothelioma” — after they’ve been diagnosed with this terrible cancer.

You may contact a mesothelioma lawyer at any time at (866) 538-0485 or contact us online to learn more about your options. All calls are completely free and confidential. And even more, we know where you are coming from, and we’ve helped countless families get the legal support they need. Why not see if you have a potential case?