How to Build Your Support Team After a Mesothelioma Diagnosis

April 30, 2014

A mesothelioma diagnosis can be understandably devastating. This asbestos-related cancer usually brings anxiety, doubt about the future and endless questions. That’s why having a core support team is crucial: They can offer much-needed encouragement throughout the process and help you stay hopeful.

But who is essential to your team? Who can you rely on for support? You’ll probably lean on several people, but you especially need these folks in your corner:

A dependable caregiver. A spouse or significant other may be your top choice, but a best friend, sibling or parent can also fill in as caregiver. Another option is to hire a professional to help manage your physical needs, doctor’s appointments, medication schedules and administrative duties.

Dedicated healthcare professionals. Your team of mesothelioma doctors typically includes a primary care physician, pulmonologist and radiologist, as well as a thoracic surgeon, oncologist and respiratory therapist. They should all work together to help you on the road to wellness. They can also answer questions about mesothelioma and point you toward the right resources.

Other mesothelioma patients/survivors. Sharing your experiences with other mesothelioma patients is one of the best ways to cope with your diagnosis and deal with the emotional baggage that comes with it. You can find a mesothelioma support group through your health care provider or join one online.

Clergy/spiritual counselor. Prayer and meditation have been associated with lower stress levels and a less-negative outlook, according to a study of cancer patients. Contact someone in your place of worship to discuss your need for prayer, meditation or spiritual advice. Whether you believe in a higher power or not, do what works best for you.

An experienced attorney. If you or someone you know has been diagnosed with mesothelioma, you may have grounds for a lawsuit. Mesothelioma lawyers at Baron and Budd have fought – and won – numerous multi-million dollar verdicts for asbestos cancer patients. To contact a lawyer at Baron and Budd, call (866) 538-0485 or email us here.