How Low Can You Go? Products CAN STILL Be Made Today With Asbestos… Want to Know the Absurd Rule?

August 8, 2014

Federal law says that any newly manufactured products may contain asbestos as long as the asbestos percentage in the product is kept at one percent or less.

Think of your favorite product, or a big material used in your home or that trusty car part.

A dash here of plastic, a spoonful of protective coating, maybe some copper wiring, switching mechanisms, electrical components or insulation materials… and one percent asbestos.

Let’s think of it in some other terms.

How about one percent of formaldehyde in your fries?

Or one percent of lead paint in your sandwich bread?

You might be thinking, well, they must have that one percent rule for something, right? After all, that rule would not be in place if it weren’t there for a reason.

We wish we could say one percent of asbestos can’t harm you. But we can’t. That would be an absolute lie.

Instead, and this is something backed up by the Occupational Safety and Health Commission (OSHA): There is no safe level of exposure to asbestos — not one percent, not two percent and definitely not a whiff of airborne asbestos here and there.

It all comes down to our bodies and what they can (and can’t) take. You see, we like to think of ourselves as big and tough, as if no amount of exposure to whatever-X toxin is in the news could get us down. But the truth is, we are sensitive to toxic chemicals and substances and that’s the case not just if we eat the toxins (aka, would you like some formaldehyde with your ketchup?) but also when we breathe, touch or otherwise come into contact with the substance.

Once asbestos has been “consumed” by the body, it is very hard for our bodies to get it out. And that’s why no amount is safe. Because even one percent of asbestos in a product matters, and could be destructive to our health.

We hope this blog post put the absurd one percent rule in perspective. Did it come as a shock to you? Let us know on our Facebook page or in the comments section below.