Happy New Years: Five Resolutions Fit For Cancer Patients (That We Think You’re Going to Like!)

January 2, 2015

Happy New Years, fighters! This new year is a blank slate, a fresh start to do what we want with our lives and with our families. As we start looking ahead at 2015, here our five resolutions that we think can help all people fighting cancers like mesothelioma.

1. I will give myself time off.

Step one: Recharge! We know you have a pile of To Do’s, but that doesn’t mean that you have to work yourself to exhaustion. Taking time off can be some of the most productive work you do all year, helping your body and mind refresh and reboot. It doesn’t matter how you choose to take your time off — you can go for a long walk, take a bath, catch a movie or take that afternoon nap. We do suggest putting the phone away, though!

2. I will love and be loved.

As any cancer fighter will tell you, it’s the time with family and friends that matters the most. As you work to take time off this year, don’t forget to take some time “on” — on with you friends and family, doing what you love to do together. Going out to restaurants or parties might seem like a break with reality — when you’re really fighting something tough and going through a hard time, after all, it can feel wrong to take time off for yourself to enjoy being with the ones you love in a celebratory mood. The truth is, you need time with your loved ones more than anything now, and even if you aren’t in a “party” mood, you can still find ways to come together.

3. I will listen to my needs.

Nobody can listen to you as expertly as you can. We imagine you may have a few people coming up to you asking how they can pitch in and help you out. We also imagine you’re giving them the usual run-around, saying “I’m okay, I’ve got this under control.” If you need help with performing the usual errands, picking your children up from school or driving to and from doctors, now is the time to speak up and ask for what you need. And if all you want is a shoulder to cry on, well, you can ask for that too! Of course the same rules apply to yourself. You’re the only one who can really know what you need. If you need something, remind yourself and ask for it!

4. I will stop the stress cycle.

Stress is the absolute worst. It lowers energy, lowers mood and puts a fog over your perspective that makes it hard to see things straight. It might feel like there’s no way around the stress in your life. That’s the stress talking, not the truth. You’ve got to find another — Stop the Stress Cycle!

5. I will create positive change.

The whole point of suffering (if you could say there is a point) is to grow and change. With something like mesothelioma, where the damage was caused to you by asbestos, it can feel like there is no lesson to learn, because you didn’t make yourself sick; the asbestos industry did. The truth is there is always room to grow and create positive change, even with mesothelioma. The opportunity lies in creating a better future, for your family and for those who may also be in your shoes. People who have been hurt by asbestos exposure, then, have a special opportunity to help their families by filing a mesothelioma lawsuit and helping those who may have also been exposed or could be in the future by speaking out against the asbestos industry and the dangerous use of asbestos in products and construction.

Think you can take on some of these resolutions in the New Year? Let us know on our Facebook page. And if you have some resolutions that you have found particularly useful for you and your family as you struggle through hardship, please let us know, too!

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