First of all, each case is different. Because of this, each case has its own unique twists and turns that could impact the amount of time needed to handle the case.

Even if you are doing the same job in the same workplace as someone else who has already taken legal action for their asbestos disease, the companies that our mesothelioma lawyers seek compensation from on your behalf will probably be different from those we have pursued on behalf of other clients. There is no type of case that is “one size fits all,” and each situation must be assessed specifically to determine what course of action is best.

Second, if the asbestos companies that caused your exposure have filed for bankruptcy, our lawyers have to wait for the bankruptcy trust plan to be approved by a court and an asbestos trust to be established before we can pursue any claims on your behalf. While our attorneys certainly don’t like to wait, this is not something that we can control due to how our country’s legal system is set up.

Once all of the above is in place, our lawyers still have to go through a lengthy process of proving your exposure to a specific company’s asbestos product (or products) and providing medical documentation of your asbestos disease. The guidelines of the asbestos bankruptcy trusts require our lawyers to go to great lengths to supply detailed and precise information. This is time-consuming because there is more than one trust handling these bankrupt companies. Because of this, it can take time to collect and provide all of the required information to the trusts.

It is also very important that we take the time to go through all of the proper steps thoroughly.

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