Even today, the rights of asbestos patients and their families are still being threatened by legislation in various states.

Baron & Budd was founded on the principal that people who have been harmed by large companies should have the opportunity to pursue justice in the courtroom, but we also understand that it takes more than just standing up in the courtroom to achieve this goal. It also takes strong advocacy at the legislative level. Our lawyers are proud to keep fighting in state and federal legislatures to help protect asbestos patients, even though we do not get paid for this work.

Even though many people think of asbestos as an issue of the past, patients’ rights are still being threatened. And, even today, our mesothelioma attorneys remain active in the legislative fight to protect the rights of asbestos patients and families. In fact, in 2012, mesothelioma attorney and firm shareholder Burton LeBlanc was the only person to testify in the Louisiana legislature against a bill that would have severely limited the rights of asbestos patients and put stronger burdens on the process surrounding asbestos bankruptcy claims. We absolutely understand that protecting the rights of asbestos patients goes beyond the courtroom and beyond the firm’s clients. Thanks in part to our efforts, this bill was defeated. Similar bills have been introduced in other state legislatures, and our firm keeps a close eye on these bills as they develop.

Our mesothelioma lawyers continue to keep a close watch on new legislation that could help or harm mesothelioma patients and their families and strive to take an active role in defending the rights of all people — present and future — who have or will be harmed by asbestos exposure.