The mesothelioma lawyers with Baron and Budd have led the way for not just individuals, but also other attorneys, to obtain compensation for several asbestos diseases, including mesothelioma.

Many people think that asbestos cases are actually handled as class actions. One of the main reasons they are not is that the mesothelioma lawyers with Baron and Budd helped to successfully fought a proposed class action settlement in front of the United States Supreme Court.

If you file a mesothelioma lawsuit, your case, in a sense, has already been helped by the work we did in front of our nation’s highest court – whether or not you ultimately choose us to represent you. The Supreme Court held in the proposed class action settlements in Ortiz v. Fibreboard Corp. and Amchem Products v. Windsor  were improper and illegal because, under the U.S. Constitution, they violated due process.

The mesothelioma lawyers with Baron and Budd have also worked for mesothelioma patients and their families in other ways. We have taken a leadership role in negotiating settlements with Halliburton and other bankrupt manufacturers of asbestos. Led by the founder of Baron & Budd, Russell Budd, these negotiations ultimately led to the largest asbestos trust fund of its kind: a national settlement of $4 billion. This settlement stands to benefit all mesothelioma patients who file a claim with the Halliburton asbestos bankruptcy trust, even patients who are not represented by Baron & Budd.

Baron & Budd firmly believes that, as advocates working on behalf of mesothelioma patients, it is our duty to fight for not just our clients, but for all of those who have been exposed to asbestos.