The national law firm of Baron & Budd has earned a reputation as a leader among mesothelioma law firms.

National Law Journal’s Plaintiffs’ “Hot List”

The esteemed National Law Journal chooses about a dozen plaintiffs’ law firms each year that have helped shape the law on a national scale.

We are extremely proud and honored to have been named to the prestigious National Law Journal plaintiffs’ “Hot List” eight times. To be considered for the list, a law firm not only has to be exemplary, it also has to have performed “cutting-edge work on the plaintiffs’ side.” (published by American Lawyer Media, 2002-2006, 2008, 2011-2012).

The State of Texas’ Highest Mesothelioma Verdict Ever

Mesothelioma lawyers with Baron & Budd received a $55 million verdict for Mr. Alfredo Hernandez and his family in 2001. Mr. Hernandez was exposed to asbestos through his work with joint compounds as an employee of a construction firm. To this day, this verdict remains the highest mesothelioma verdict ever reached in Texas.

Highest Mesothelioma Verdict in 2012

In 2012, mesothelioma attorneys with Baron & Budd represented Mr. Bobbie Izell in a California lawsuit against Dow Chemical subsidiary Union Carbide, as well as other asbestos companies. These other companies included CalPortland and Riverside Cement. Our mesothelioma lawyers were able to achieve a verdict of $48 million on behalf of our client. Confidential memos revealed that Union Carbide was well aware of the dangers of exposure to asbestos, although the corporation brought in expert witnesses to testify that its asbestos products were safe and attempted to hide the truth. This was the largest mesothelioma verdict reached in the country in 2012.

Top Verdicts in Texas – 2011

Texas Lawyer selected two of our mesothelioma verdicts as the two top verdicts of their kind in the state of Texas in 2011 (American Lawyer Media, 2012).

The number one mesothelioma verdict in Texas for 2011 was Henderson v. Dow Chemical. This lawsuit was filed on behalf of Mr. Henderson and his family against defendant Dow Chemical, and the family was ultimately awarded $9 million by a Dallas jury.

The second-highest mesothelioma verdict in Texas that year, as selected by Texas Lawyer, was Gensler v. Hercules, Inc. The jury in this case awarded the family of Mr. Gensler $8.4 million – a verdict that is believed to be the first asbestos cancer verdict reached against Hercules for exposing workers to asbestos at Dow Chemical.

A Successful Track Record of Appeals

Our mesothelioma attorneys have frequently encountered the asbestos industry in appeals cases through our 35-year history. The mesothelioma lawyers with Baron and Budd are, unlike some other law firms, fully equipped to handle the appeals process in mesothelioma lawsuits. Our firm has defended most of its appeals – no other firm has that type of track record regarding appeals.


VerdictSearch, a division of American Lawyer Media, has featured many of our mesothelioma verdicts.

Our groundbreaking $55 million verdict for an El Paso mesothelioma patient in 2001 made the National Law Journal’s list of the largest 100 verdicts of the year in conjunction with VerdictSearch. It still stands as the largest mesothelioma verdict ever reached in the state of Texas.

Verdict Search selected our $9 million verdict against Dow Chemical as a “Featured Case” in 2011.

Verdicts in Pennsylvania Recognized by The Legal Intelligencer

Over the years, we have been honored to be named to several prestigious lists by various legal entities, garnering national acclaim for our work regarding mesothelioma lawsuits.

The Legal Intelligencer (an American Lawyer publication) selected two of our Pennsylvania verdicts to its list of largest settlements and verdicts in the state in 2010. The verdicts were for $8.5 million each.