Second-hand exposure to asbestos is not an imaginary problem. It is a very real – and very serious – danger. It is vital that people realize exposure to asbestos fibers happens in places other than at worksites.

Why Second-Hand Exposure to Asbestos is so Hazardous

Tragically, spouses and children of working men and women were likely also exposed to the asbestos that workers brought home on their clothes. This is one of the worst consequences of the widespread use of asbestos. Because these workers were not made aware of the fact that the asbestos dust they carried could cause cancer, simply going to work and coming home resulted in the spread of asbestos fibers. Due to asbestos exposure through their spouse’s or parent’s work clothes, untold numbers of people are at risk for developing mesothelioma.

At Baron and Budd, we passionately fight for their rights.

Real Results:

Fighting second-hand exposure to asbestos: The mesothelioma law firm of Baron and Budd represented an Illinois woman who was exposed to asbestos second-hand and later developed mesothelioma as a result. Our mesothelioma lawyers proved that the woman developed cancer after being exposed to both her husband’s and her father’s work clothes. She was awarded more than $2.5 million.

Many women encountered asbestos exposure simply by washing or handling their husbands’ clothing. This type of exposure has been linked to several cases of mesothelioma being diagnosed in women. Sadly, even children who hugged their fathers after they came home from work could have unknowingly exposed them to this dangerous dust.

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